OneLessDrop from Heckler Design

Over engineer it and beautifully executed design. That pretty much sums what this it. A brilliant solution for a very annoying problem: charging cables dragging your device from the table or desk.

We've been familiar with Dean Heckler's design for quite a bit. His line of OneLessOffice, OneLessDesk and @Rest for iPad (which I have in Speed Yellow!); are a true exercise of minimalistic design. Getting rid of all that is not needed and focus on the functional part.

What he did next, was to create this "jewelry grade" tool that will help you keep all your cables in the place they should be, without having to use a cheap, obnoxious, plastic solution.

OneLessDrop is made from a solid block of recyclable aluminum that undergoes a 3 step finishing process that includes grinding, polishing and buffing... everything done by hand by skilled craftsmen.
If you haven't tried to polish aluminum, you have no idea how hard that is.
After all that is done, each piece is hard coat anodized to provide you with a glossy, scratch resistant finish.

The OneLessDrop stays in place due in part of the weight of the cube and the addition of the custom molded and press fit rubber feet. These are not the sticky, cheapo kind... they are a one of a kind rubber feet, for a hand made product.

After opening my OneLessDrop from their awesomely designed package, I couldn't put it down. I kept playing with them in my hand for hours. They are truly mesmerizing pieces that need to be hold to understand. Almost like a luxury item.

You bought a high-end machine or phone. Don't get fooled by cheap looking imitations. You deserve the best, and that is the OneLessDrop.

Available for sale starting November 1st! Go visit Heckler Design.

Joel is a contributor on Design-Milk's weekly architectural posts and Apartment Therapy's Unplggd daily technology posts.