The Library 26 Room Minimalist Hotel In Koh Samui (3)

There are hotels popping up again and again that pique interest with their interesting design concepts and less-is-more approach. One of those happens to be a Thai hotel right on the beachfront of Koh Samui. Though ‘The Library’ was constructed in 2007, Tirawan Songsawat has given it a very fresh approach to vacationing.
There are 26 studio style cabins dispersed along the grounds that occupy almost 70,000 square feet of beach property. The color scheme is one that is bold while still staying understated, with whites, reds, greys and natural elements. The swimming pool especially takes on its own vibe– covered in red hued mosaic tiles, while the library itself is stark and only takes on the colors of the books that line its shelves.


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