Steep Slope Home

i1a96 Steep Slope Home

Tolo House by architect Alvaro Leite Siza is a contemporary home design that sits on a steep slope in Penafiel, Portugal. It’s the site’s unique topography that dictates this home interesting composition of multiple individual yet interconnected volumes, which allow this design to naturally unfold along the rocky terrain. Three bedrooms, a shared bath, a living room, dining room, kitchen and pantry complete the home’s communal living areas. Between these various elevations are an outdoor swimming pool and covered patios, connected by a footpath and stairs leading up the hillside. The exterior of this modern residence boasts a cool, edgy appeal with its concrete facade, sharp geometric forms and metal doors. Interiors are quite contrary, boasting a minimal laid-back softness about them with a palate of white accented by rich wood doors, interior floors and trim, and a floating staircase that is as functional as it is beautiful. The roof of this innovative home is paved and accommodates a garden with a view of the valley.

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