sonos studio by RA-DA

Sonos Studio in Los Angeles – a showroom that transforms into a nighttime music venue for Sonos - the wireless speaker company.  By day it showcases the company’s latest & greatest products in “natural” home environment setups.  By night it cycles through various programs, all with one thing in mind – to provide the best possible listening experience.  Programs range from lectures, workshops, film screenings, concerts, listening parties, & dance parties to name a few. To quote Huffington Post, “Each event celebrates the connection of music to art, fashion, film, design - and even food, sport, and technology. Sonos Studio is a space solely devoted to building community around a shared musical experience.”  

Created by Ra-Daan architecture firm in West Hollywood, California. They are a small boutique, design-oriented firm with an aim to craft unique experiences in all of their projects.

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