The Walk in Panel: Contemporary and Practical

Walk in Panels are new to the bathroom market and seem to have gained approval by a range of interior designers and everyday people that are remodeling their bathrooms. These walk in panels come with many benefits over standard shower enclosures.
These walk in panels offer stunning minimalistic design and will look great in any modern styled bathroom. They can be positioned on either low profile shower trays or on a tiled floor to create a stunning shower room feel.  Combining two glass panels can make a stunning minimalistic enclosure, these enclosures are ideal for people who want a contemporary focal point in their bathroom. Walk in enclosures are also ideal for less-abled people, as they can be positioned on a tile floor and have no lip, the opening width can also be adjusted by changing the size of the panels – these enclosures are very accessible.

For those more extravagant people, curved walk in panels are available. These panels work in exactly the same way are secured by a stabilising bar and a wall channel but offer a curved glass front panel to add a little more flare to a bathroom area.
These panels are manufactured to an extremely high standard, and by some of the most renowned bathroom manufacturers such as Twyfords and Aqualux. Featuring up to 8mm glass with a choice of frame finishes, these sturdy panels can be fixed in many bathroom situations and styles making them one of the most versatile bathroom furniture available.
Another benefit of a walk in glass panel is that they are extremely easy to maintain. A lot of manufacturers treat their glass with a clear coating which prevents water marks and lime scale build up on the glass, coupled with use of a squeegee or shower blade utensil, your walk in panel will look brand new for years to come.
The walk in panel has many benefits over the shower enclosure, so if you are looking for a contemporary focal point for your bathroom, or easier to access alternative – walk in panels are for you.

Joel is a contributor on Design-Milk's weekly architectural posts and Apartment Therapy's Unplggd daily technology posts.