Watch Vault DIY

This is a quick DIY we did for storing watches. We took advantage of using an ugly built-in medicine cabinet and re-purposed it for storing our (the wife also collects Panerais, how awesome is that!?) never ending collection of watches. We liked the cabinet idea because is built-in "inside the wall" so it's very low profile. We used 2.5 PVC pipes that we coated with paint and 3 coats of polyurethane for scratch resistance. To keep the watches in place, we got 3" black "stress" balls. Easy to put in and take out and they keep the watch in place securely. We did a black walnut trim around to fill the gap between the metal frame and the wood box for the vault. Using one of our posters on ikea's frame keeps everything top secret. This was a great solution and the watches are always ready!


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