‘Laurelhurst’ is a beautiful modern 2500-square foot residence designed by Jill Lewis and Lane Williams from Coop 15 Architecture and located in Seattle. According to the architects, this1960’s modern home has been expanded and updated with a new second story containing three bedrooms and two baths. The main floor plan has been opened up, with expanded living areas where bedrooms were once located. There is new lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinets and finishes throughout. The redesign implied the maximization of space and light. A simple stroll through the pictures is enough to demonstrate that the interiors have plenty of both. This house looks fantastic, no matter what the perspective. The white walls contrast beautifully with a series of decorating elements and the overall result is that of a contemporary, vivid and original living space. Have a look and let us know if there is anything about this residence youdon’t like. (Photos by Daniel Sheehan Photography

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