confort box

japanese studio mA-style design of architecture + planning has completed 'confort box', a single family home in 
shimada, shizuoka, japan. defined by three separate and interconnected volumes, the residence features a series of
enriching spaces that alternate between open and accessible, and closed. 

positioned around the site in a tight triangular formation, the variously sized cubes mark three private programs
- including the kitchen, bathroom and entrance - along with the bedrooms upstairs. a diverse environment of 
secondary spaces surrounds the bold and contrasting volumes, connecting and integrating each room with the next.
vastly different from the atmosphere of each black box, the open areas are diverse and dynamic in their appearance, 
ranging in ceiling height and floor level. fully glazed walls, some reaching two stories in height, span between each
enclosed structure, introducing natural light into the core of the dwelling while providing multi-directional views 

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