stone creek camp

Stone Creek Camp was designed by Andersson Wise Architects and is located in Duval County, Texas, USA. The project consists of homes especially created for their owners’ retreat. Taking advantage of the landscape’s natural features, such as the sun light, the wind and the rocks, the architects managed to create true dream cribs housing the best that nature has to offer. Here is more information: “We considered the gentle sloping terrain, natural air-conditioning offered by prevailing breezes, and the ever-present sun. Our observations transformed into an idea of structures with deep open porches that appear to be carved out of the exterior brick volumes, revealing transparent walls that slide open to the rooms inside. The buildings are organized around an open courtyard with a large swimming pool and spa, oriented to take advantage of the prevailing breezes during the hot Texas summers.” Even though you are looking at “country homes”, the interiors of these building have an impeccable design which mixes rustic elements with modern ones. The results however are in tune with the overall harmony of the landscape.


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