bright colors!

It is amazing how adding just a few colorful decorating items can transform a dull apartment into a vivid and youthful crib. Here is a home that feels alive and this is especially due to the fact that it features a few colorful items that stand out and disrupt the “common” feel that this apartment would otherwise inspire. The focal point of the loft is a spacious and charming living room, a perfect place for parties or friend gatherings. Wide enough to include a dining table and a reading corner, this interior is brightened up by the unusual paintings on the wall and the playful sofa pillows. The bedroom is absolutely delightful with its overall white design (white walls, sheets and closets), contrasted by the youthful colorful paintings. The bedroom is connected to a mesmerizing balcony which completes the overall playful image of this apartment.


Joel is a contributor on Design-Milk's weekly architectural posts and Apartment Therapy's Unplggd daily technology posts.