@Rest iPad Stand Review.

As soon as we spotted the @Rest iPad Stand from Heckler Design we knew there was something different about this stand. Dean Heckler from Heckler Design was, not only kind to send us one unit for test and evaluation, but he did accommodate our color request to match our passion for speed yellow. Porsche's speed yellow.

Heckler Design is a company now famous for its "OneLess Desk" line of furniture. The beautiful, ergonomic, space saving computer desk, made of heavy duty, fully welded, steel construction.
The desk is sleek, clean, devoid of any superfluous add-ons and with a big convenience: It can be put into "storage mode" where the foot print is reduced to almost nothing.

With the same mentality and design strategy that went into the "OneLess Desk", comes the @Rest iPad stand.
This is not your regular, flimsy, plasticky iPad stand. What we have here is a hi-end piece of furniture built from precisely cut steel with a beautiful, durable powdercoat finish, @Rest for iPad supports your iPad in portrait or landscape orientation at angles ideal for the side table or countertop.

The iPad is held at 30 and 60 degrees, which is perfect for typing, browsing, reading or just displaying artwork or playing tunes while being connected to a home stereo. With its ingenious design, good looks, and excellent construction, @Rest for iPad is sure to support your current iPad, your next iPad, and the one after that.

While playing around the house with my unit, I noticed how stable is the iPad while resting on the stand. It doesn't move around, even if the swiping and pushing gets a little out of control. The unit is super sturdy which is a bonus if you have your iPad playing music at a party and everybody is messing around with it.
Since I have a Crystal Shield on the back of my iPad, I didn't use the black foam inserts. One thing I know you will need to do, is to order the extra set of resting feet for the other side. The machining is made at such high tolerances that removing and replacing may be a little trickier. Is better to have both sets already installed on the @Rest for easy flipping from one position to the other.

They have some cool custom colors available: slate, sky white, silver, red to my favorite: buttercup (or how I call it: "speed yellow")
This is the probably the last iPad stand you will buy. Designed to last a century.
You can buy one today here.

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