Desk E.L.A.

Bulgarian designer Jovo Bozhinovski from “Elza design” recently has created the dynamic Desk E.L.A. The desk E.L.A. that first showed the audience in Belgrade of design exhibition Mikser. Material from which it is made is fiberglass, attached with two steel cables to the wall. Only two legs it stands stable and seemed to fly in the air. Both his legs do not allow horizontal movement, ropes restricting his movement Vertical. At the bottom of the feet are placed – power electric cable, connectors from network cable, phone cable and USB ports. In the cavity in the leg all the links appear on the surface of the desk , hidden by a decorative panel. Thus the use of any supplies is easy and affordable.Between the rope is place for computer /horizontal box/. Underside of the countertop is located drawer for storing document.

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