Henrybuilt Opencase Modular Storage System

The Opencase is unique because it offers a high degree of function (think Vitsoe) but with a warm, handmade feel. Additionally, most systems utilize some type of vertical support. The rod and panel design of the Opencase allows for more seamless aesthetic integration into a space, while enabling great adaptability in terms of functionality.

The base of each rod remains fixed within the panel, while the rods can be unscrewed and moved to create different configurations. A collection of specialized components rest on the rods allowing them to be easily swapped. A single panel can be configured to store pantry goods and can then be reconfigured for use in a hallway for example.  Starting point configurations have been developed for pantries, wine storage, entryways, libraries, offices, wardrobes, utility closets, laundry, and children’s rooms.

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