Hifi laptop dock

at the beginning, there was just an observation and a question... from their own personal experiences, timothee and guillaume cagniard, the designers of the ld series by la boite concept, both came to the same question: why can’t we just enjoy all of our multimedia content - hifi music, video, internet - from one and unique system, that should save room in our flat, get rid of all wires and plugs lying around, but without compromising over the quality of the sound? the ld project arises from the fact that laptops have become in the past decade the main source of music at home but no dedicated and adapted audio system existed. the first high-fidelity laptop docking station materialised with the ld120, designed to save space and keep the room clear with only one cable. since then, the ld130, his big brother, came out in november 2011. the ld series are conceived to go against the tide of the actual buy-and-throwaway trend and are meant to be kept and evolve trough the years. for that purpose, noble materials such as natural leather and 8 layers piano lacquer have been used. moreover, all the input connexion can evolve with the future technological improvements. a retro futuristic design and a fine sound quality make the ld series a u.f.o. in both design and audio worlds. 

Joel is a contributor on Design-Milk's weekly architectural posts and Apartment Therapy's Unplggd daily technology posts.