multithread for nilufar gallery

a series of force-driven structures, each piece of the 'multithread' furniture collection begins with a horizontal surface - a table top, shelf, desk etc - 
supported by a web of thin connecting bars. conceived by munich and stockholm-based studio kram / weisshaar (reed kram and clemens weisshaar), 
these objects have been created using custom software, an evolving logic system that has been developed by the designers themselves 
to inform the fabrication process - from computer screen to shipping crate. employing the latest developments in physical simulation technology, 
each structure is analyzed and modified based on the forces which pass through it. the final form and color of the joints seen in the sculptural 
yet functional works are direct representations of the energy they support. 

Joel is a contributor on Design-Milk's weekly architectural posts and Apartment Therapy's Unplggd daily technology posts.