Located in Tijuana, México, Ph4 house’s main objective is to create a balance between privacy and openness, the project was mainly developed from two constraints. The first one is that the house will be inhabited by an elderly couple, so most of the program is on the first floor, a long glass and concrete box which breaks in the transition between the public and private space. Superimposed is a solid volume which twists itself in the opposite direction as the one below, ending in a 7 meter cantilever across the garden. A concrete staircase leads up to the projecting first floor, which houses a
guest bedroom and study.

The second is the site, a triangle with a narrow street facade, the rest of the perimeter is adjacent to other houses. It was decided to set the main volume on the center of the site, thus creating connections between interior and exterior along the succession of programatic spaces and a pathway around the house.

Project Architects: T38 studio + Pablo Casals-Aguirre
Team: María José López, Alfonso Medina, Pablo Casals-Aguirre, Mauricio Kuri, Oscar
Collaborators: Lucía Arroyo, Alina Castañeda y Adriana Medina.
Construction: Taller38
Project Year: 2010
Construction: 2011
Site surface: 496m2
Built surface: 358m2
Location: México, Tijuana, Baja California.
Photographs : Alfonso Medina, Oscar Gonzalez, Alfredo Zertuche.

3308 Helms Ave
Culver City
California 90232 USA
(+1) 310-876-1758

6958 Ficaria
Hacienda de Agua Caliente
Tijuana BC, México
(+52) 6646 218126

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