Porsche 911 track day

I know it has nothing to do with architecture, but my love for sports cars sometimes transpire into the blog...

One day at the Porsche track event with the new 911 code name 991.
I was invited by PCNA and The Collection to an "Undercover" event at the Miami Homestead Speedway today. One day of pure track events and Autocross behind the wheel of this great automobile. Porsche NA flew 6 instructors from Porsche Driving School in Birmingham, Alabama to Homestead Speedway in Miami for a 3 part day that con sited of Autocross, Track and technical Q/A about the new model. I felt like the smart kid in class… answering every single question the guy asked to the audience! :)

We all know the first impressions and road test drives and accolades that the car provides but you don't get as many track oriented POVs

We had 2 cars dedicated to Autocross only and 8 cars for the Track. (some of then only had 23 miles!). The Autocross ones came with Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control. And it makes the whole car feel like a giant go kart. Turns were "neck snapping" quick and body roll was totally absent. The course was conservative with a long straight for acceleration and a series of twists to test your reflexes. We paired with an instructor as a co-pilot and went ahead 3 laps. Then it rained and we did 3 extra laps with an instructor sitting next to us giving us directions. The car really makes all this seems very easy. We weren't allowed to disable PSM; and with the weather condition, I wouldn't touched that button either! Then, the instructors took the lead and let us go "shotgun" for a hot lap at AutoCross… OMG. I told my instructor… "so, this is how you do it?"

We had a short break and move to the Track portion of the event. If you are familiar with Homestead Speedway, you know that you'll get a good mix of fast turns, twists and long banked straights were we could reach top speed…
Again, raining was the ruler of the day but that would make us better drivers. The car handles so well, that you would forget it's raining/wet. Turns were flat and acceleration was splendid. The brakes never showed any fade and provided plenty of confidence. Again, we did 3 laps following a Pace car and we switched with our co-pilot. At the end, the instructor drove us for a HOT lap. Hot when wet. These guys are amazing!

To wrap this up, the car is more than capable on the track, yes, it has a lot of comfort items and it feels luxurious but I don't like to drive a car with metal floor pans, no insulation and just a sequential stick popping from the floor… console less! If you want that, wait for the 991 GT3.

I hope you enjoy the read and I would like to take 34 words to thank Porsche North America, Porsche Driving School Instructors and The Collection Porsche for putting such a great event for us… mere mortals.

p.s. it was cool that they let us park right at the pits... only requirement: Porsches only! hilarious

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