nami, ampli de vie

function nami is a folded horn speaker which the person directly interacts with. by folding and unfolding it, the sound level is adjustedthaks to a flexion sensor . when the horn is fully folded, the sound is muted. nami has a dock ipod, but can also be connected directly to a computer with auxiliary cables. it includes two stereo speakers. inspiration how as a designer can I revisit the art of fold? fold is life? the fold gives life to inanimate surfaces. it involves a transition from surface to volume (from 2d to 3d). I chose to focus my study on that motion that gives life to something. the fold has many physical similarities with the sound. so couldn't it bring sound to life? the art of folding would be a way to translate the immateriality of sound into its physical conditions. "nami" means wave in Japanese langage. this word makes the sound wave and one of the representation of the fold match: both are ripples. if music is life, the object that communicates it shouldn't it be also "alive"? development the fold has many aesthetic (pleats, pleated used by Haute couture, origami) and functional (collapsibility, space saving) attributes. by creating nami, I tried to give value to its two qualities. with a new gesture and aesthetic innovation, nami brings more dreams and poetry compared to a classical stereo system. nami, through a new use scenario, gives life to a new multisensor sound experience. it stimulates new senses such as sight and touch. the aesthetic of folding is also integrated by using the codes and know-how used in haute couture for creating the pleats. visually, the person contributes to increasing physical volume. nami will perfectly fit into all types of interiors thanks to its interchangeable paper horns. 

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