Designers and architects have been using this technology for a long time, but to our knowledge this is the first free app of its kind.
The appeal of this app is obvious – according to Carl Griffenkranz, vice president of marketing for Granite Transformations, “one of the biggest remodeling hurdles for many homeowners is trying to visualize what the new room will look like in their home.” It appears that the main advantages are that customers can spend as much time as they want perfecting the design they want, and the end result will more closely match their original concept.
In addition, the iGranite app allows users to share their designs and see pre-designed kitchens and bathroom by Granite Transformations.
Unfortunately, iGranite is only available as an app, significantly limiting the number of people that have access to it. Another downside is that users are constricted to using only Granite Transformations’ designs and patterns. However this is their first release and they are planning another one in spring that will include a custom mosaic tile designer.

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