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By Eduardo Gorozpe from A-001 Architectural Work Shop, a Mexican firm.
A little bit about them...

“A-001 Architectural Workshop” was founded at the beginnings of 2003, with the idea of developing good quality integrated projects. A new work structure was brought up, consisting of a work team composed by creative young people, committed to the social responsibility of an architecture which will contribute to the improvement of the urban environment as well as all spaces inhabited by man.
As leaders in architectural design, our goal is to offer the best projects by way of the best service, acting as the central axis of the project, gathering all the technical studies and external works to give form and reality to an idea.
We are constantly trying to reinvent the processes of making architecture, creating fresh and varied methodologies that unfold projects into creative adventures.  We offer personalized architecture and consistent quality when it comes to innovative solutions to specific problems. We want to be the key element for a client’s dream and idea to take form, light, and color.
Having the possibility to work on very important projects, on different segments of architecture, such as Real estate developing, education, cultural, corporate & commercial and mostly residential and housing, as the architectural and construction design firm, has helped us gain a lot of experience on project developing.
Every sketch is an idea; every idea is a dream and every dream is a project

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