metabolism talks

interior of the nakagin capsule tower building (1972) by kurokawa kisho
image © watanabe osamu

all images courtesy of mori art museum

In tokyo, japan, the mori art museum recently hosted a special talk event between dutch architect and pritzker prize
laureate rem koolhaas of OMA and the museum director nanjo fumio. coinciding with the ongoing exhibition
'metabolism, the city of the future: dreams and visions of reconstruction in postwar and present-day japan', the topic
of discussion addressed the importance and presence of the metabolists within the post world war climate. these individuals
were catalysts to the metabolism movement which was initiated by visionary japanese architects including kurokawa kisho
and kikutake kiyonori. this group which emerged at the time supported rapid economic growth, population increases and
expansions of cities. koolhaas' new publication 'project japan: metabolism talks', released on october 28th, 2011,
analyzes the importance of these individuals through a lens of the architectural scene of today.


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