creative desks: carolyn sewell

I am a super nerdy graphic designer/illustrator who surfs the internets for all things typographic and unicorny. I recently celebrated the 3rd anniversary of owning my ownbiz, which totally blows my mind. Several years ago I started a blog called Pedestrian Typography, where I posted photos of good/bad/fugly street signage. After a few years of doing that I became interested (read: obsessed) in hand-lettering and decided to start the project Postcards To My Parents, where I hand-drew and mailed a postcard to my parents every day for a year. And after that I couldn’t stop, so I started Postcards To My Peeps. Although I don’t send one every day, I’m slowly getting a card out to everyone I care about or admire. It’s gonna take a while.

Joel is a contributor on Design-Milk's weekly architectural posts and Apartment Therapy's Unplggd daily technology posts.