Little closet re-done...

We have this little closet in our master's bedroom that we used for double duty: storing sweaters, jackets and some office supply stuff.
We already maxed up the capacity 'til we decided to re do it.
What we did was to built the inside using elfa fitting from the container store and replacing the ugly beveled mirror doors with Ikea's Arlang sliding doors. That god they matched the opening I already have. Searching online only produced 1 result of fitting a Pax system door to a non ikea closed and splatgirl using one as divider.

We gained so much room. The closet is now half empty and I like the way it look. Nice, clean and crisp.
The doors hang plum and leveled and they open effortlessly. Also, we replaced all our hangers with wood ones.
Enjoy the pics...

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