Free 2008 Calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new 2008 Calendar is here! featuring some of the design classics (and some new ones!) of the Alphabet that made the rounds a couple of weeks ago!

This is a multi page .pdf document that once you click on the title or the little graphic under my profile, will start downloading automaticaly and saved to your desktop where you can print at your leisure. Size is 8.5" x 11".
Also, do you know how at the beginning of each year we are still trying to figure it out what year we are on?
Well, this calendar, has a built in feature that shows a big "08" on the background of the days/weeks in 9% screen of black (you can still type over and see everything) fades out little by little as the months go by, so by May, you have nothing on the background... pretty neat-o! right? ; )

So, go ahead, click the link below or the image on the right below my profile!

click here: Free 2008 Calendar



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