Birch panels and my wall of clocks!

I'm done doing the huge wall panels for the living room. First, I wanted to deal with a texture wall and get rid of that, then, I wanted a more warmer/uniform look than the green wall panels we had before... so 4 feet x 8 feet 3/8" thickness premium grade birch plywood went on the walls, fastened by industrial strength 3" screws.
The pain was to get the panels level and plumb (I had to trim 1.5" on all panels at the bottom due to the wood floors!!) since they weight a ton and they are too big to be manipulate easier. but finally are up. The gap between them is 1/2" that will be covered by an aluminum strip for a clean look. Re-arranging the art gave me the opportunity to hang my precious collection of Nelson clocks that have been ticking under my bed for a while... now, if I can get my "eye" (hint!) on my next clock. I even have the space reserved!

Please enjoy the pics!
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